Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver all our photography and video package on the same day!

All our ground photography is shot at a resolution of 14.2 megapixels and our interior video is shot at 1080p. Our drone photography is taken at a resoltuion of 12 megapixels and our aerial videos recorded at 1080p. What this all means is that your pictures will have an exceptional resolution for your website, social media as well as any print-related materials. Your videos will look super crisp on all devices from mobile to desktop and even your TV!

In the event of inclement weather, we will postpone shoots into the weekend however we prefer not to work over the weekend. Under very special circumstances we will take certain bookings over the weekend.

We find communicating by text (705-796-3543) is always the easiest way to arrange a booking. If you are new, don't hesitate to use our online booking form by clicking here.

We value your time and we respect the patience of the home owners during all our video and photo shoots. Quite often, we can be in and out in a matter of 15 minutes for our photography sessions and up to 45 minutes with our Diamond package which includes all our services. To help us and the home owner, we expect to arrive and be ready to get started! We've even compiled a "Picture Day To Do List" for real estate agents to help the home owners!

All our images will be touched up, color-corrected and given that "HDR" look that makes the room standout. Our videos are also touched up, color-corrected and enhanced with cinematic effects and background music.

Our service coverage area isn't limited. We serve from Barrie south to Innifil and north to Orillia as our "normal" service area. Travelling further north or south would incur additional fees. Please view our service area map to see our fees. If your location isn't included in the map, please contact us to discuss.

We understand the professionalism you expect from your vendors and our photographers and videographers are fully licensed according to Transport Canada as well as insured against damages in the event of a malfunction.

Flying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is just as safe as flying a regular plane. Sure it doesn't sound all that comforting but when we create our flight plans for our shoots, we always assume the worse case scenario while filming or taking pictures. We'll never shoot close to people or structures that will put our UAV or our customers in harm's way. The reliability of the flight of our equipment is extremely accurate and precise. It pretty much flies itself!

Our typical residential shoot doesn't last any longer than 20-30 minutes. That being said, we have enough battery power to do 4-5 shoots per day.

We strive to be very competitive in terms of pricing but we also value quality and service. As our business grows, we are able to find efficiencies and improve on our process. However, as with any business, we adjust our prices based on the cost of living as well as improvements on our services so our prices are subject to changes. Keep in mind you will be notified well in advance to help you anticipate the change in costs.

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